Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Dual citizenship comes with additional benefits. We move abroad or to neighboring countries for more and better opportunities. Getting Turkish Citizenship by investment was made in 2016. Initially, you had to invest $1m to get citizenship within 3-6 months. After considerations, the amount was reduced to $250,000 but with other requirements and subject to their terms and conditions. The reduction came late in 2018 and was a relief to many. It made Turkey a gateway to the European region and its economy. For that reason, more and more people were allowed access to this great economy. But why you need this?



Turkey is a great economy with amazing global connections. For that reason, you open up opportunities for yourself by acquiring its citizenship. It is a gateway to most European countries and the US. That means you will have access to the world’s superpower as well. For residents living in restricted countries, this is a great chance to bypass such sanctions and go international. Once you’re past that hurdle, you will have access to the global connections Turkey offers. If you’re commerce savvy, you will come out tenfold richer.

You’ll be surprised to know that you can also get US residency via this link. Turkey and the US have an E-2 Visa treaty that allows its citizens to be eligible for residency in both countries. For you, this might be that opportunity you’ve been waiting for to get residency in the US. Turkey offers the route through its connections.

When moving about, it can be a challenge to have a family. It’s even harder if the passes you get only allow you to travel and not your family. For that reason, you need plans that accommodate your family too. Turkish Citizenship by investment gives your family access to a full residence in the nation. This ensures you move around with peace of mind since your family is also taken care of.

The flexibility offered by this plan is also amazing. You will have the freedom to move around and live in the permitted countries without a residency requirement put on you. This is convenient if you love to move around. You can settle easily without having to stress about obtaining residency permits.


On top of that, you can be sure to get your citizenship within no time. The probation period is between three and six months. Unlike others whom you have to wait for years, even centuries to get this, this one is considerate. The waiting time is so short and that feels great. Within months, you will have your citizenship.

You can also travel visa-free to about 125 countries. This saves you time and money. You will also travel with less hustle and peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of. There are more other benefits.


For you who love to move around, this is a great opportunity to put your destiny in your hands. As long as you have the minimum requirements met, you will have all the above benefits to enjoy. Make sure to check out Elmaslar Real Estate for more info.